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New York Calling the Shots in Nevada - Fight Back!

A bill mandating universal background checks on all gun sales in Nevada is on its way to the governor’s desk after clearing the state Legislature on the last day of the session.

The proposal requires a background check almost any time a firearm changes hands — regardless of whether the exchange is permanent or a loan. Penalties for those who hand over weapons improperly include the loss of gun rights for two years and, in some cases, prison.

When a private party wishes to sell a firearm to another private party. They both must travel to a federally license gun dealer (with the gun) for a background check.

The gun-dealer, a business person who is not involved in the business of that sale, must keep a record of the sale and can charge up to $30 for the service.

One of the other issues in the bill is the exemption of loaning a gun for a hunting trip — the possession is legal where it’s legal to hunt, but not on the road to that area, National Rifle Association representative Dan Reid said shortly after the vote.

“It’s unfortunate the Assembly would pass such a flawed bill,” Reid said. “In the hearings, the opponents have largely outnumbered the proponents, and they have been Nevadans, not people flown in to testify.”

Shortly after the vote, videos surfaced of a new video ad from the group pressuring Gov. Brian Sandoval to sign the bill into law, and Bloomberg issued a statement congratulating lawmakers.

“By passing legislation to require comprehensive and enforceable background checks for all gun sales, Nevada’s lawmakers have taken a significant step forward in the fight against illegal guns,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

Governor Sandoval has set up a hotline for us to vote on whether or not he should veto SB 221. It is extremely important that you and everyone you know calls. The number is (775) 684-5670. When prompted, simply PRESS 2 to vote against SB 221. It’s easy to do and needs to be done to keep the Governor from signing Bloomberg’s bill.

Bloomberg is encouraging gun grabbers across the country will to call and support the bill, so it is extremely important that Second Amendment civil rights supporters call. 

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