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NY Governor Cuomo Proposes Gun Ban Except for Remington Arms Shotguns

One lesson we’ve clearly learned in the past 120 years, is that dictators, tyrants and liberals are not “against guns”. Not in the least. What they are against is letting you have guns to defend your self and your family.

Every brutal dictator from Mao to Stalin to Mussolini to Hitler all have one thing in common. They all disarmed their citizens prior to placing them into subjection. And once having disarmed them, they all lorded over the people with fully-loaded weapons, using them at the slightest provocation.

Hitler would never have been able to round up the Jews and place them in ghettos on their way to the concentration camps had those same Jews had weapons. Now the liberal fascists in America are targeting the Tea Party and the NRA, two groups they believe should be classified as terrorists.

In all the noise and clamor today over guns and gun control, let us pause for a moment and refresh our failing memories with exactly what the Second Amendment to the Unites States Constitution actually says and secures:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” September 21, 1789, Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Read those words written by our forefathers and let them sink in. The right to own guns to protect your personal freedoms – keep and bear arms – was never, not even for a moment, written to protect your right to go deer and bear hunting.

It was written to guarantee all Americans for as long as the Union would survive, the right to own firearms to protect their liberties from their government and elected officials. To protect themselves from tyrants and dictators in the event they should arise. The use of guns for sports and recreation was not even a though in their heads at the time they wrote this.

Now listen to the liberal fascist Governor of New York, which he says is the most progressive state in America.

Cuomo made a point during his speech that he’s a hunter who owns a Remington shot gun. By the way, Remington is based in New York.  So during the middle of his anti-gun rant, Cuomo was able to throw a bone to Remington, a New York state gun manufacturer. Cuomo wants to ban guns that hold more than seven rounds.  The Remington model 870 shotgun holds 5-7 rounds. 

As law enforcement officer for over three decades and a current owner of a Remington 12 gauge pump action shotgun, a gun that has not yet been targeted for any restrictions, I can assure you this is one of the most deadly firearms in America.  Ask any criminal.

The same carnage that can result from an AR15 can been done with a 12 gauge shotgun in a classroom or other close range situation.

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