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Oklahoma Senate Approves Open Carry Handgun Law

A bill to allow concealed-carry permi holders to openly carry handguns in Oklahoma is headed to the governor, who is expected to sign the legislation that passed the state Senate on Thursday. Oklahoma honors the Texas CHL, so Texans will soon be able to legally open carry in OK but not Texas!

The bill, approved by a 33-10 vote, would allow those with a concealed-carry handgun permit to openly carry their firearms in holsters after November 1. Those without such permits can obtain a gun permit and openly carry a firearm if they meet legal criteria, pass a background check and undergo firearms training.

Republican Governor Mary Fallin, a member of the National Rifle Association, has said she would support a responsible open-carry bill. She has five days to sign or veto the legislation, which affects about 125,000 people in the state.

Some 44 states allow some form of open-carry firearms. Eleven require permits to do so.

Tim Gillespie, director of OK2A, an Oklahoma City-based Second Amendment advocacy group, said allowing the open-carry of firearms will lead to a decline in the crime rate, based on statistics from other states.

Texas remains one of a handful of open states to ban open carry of handguns. Governor Rick Perry has said he would sign a bill authorizing open carry in Texas.

The best reason to support open carry is because it pisses off the Brady Bunch and the rest of the left wing pussified gun grabbers. That’s good enough for me!

Support Open Carry

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