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Getting Back to Law Enforcement Basics

Adam Carolla is one of the few national radio personalities who refuses to be politically correct and follow the government “company line”.  Adam is correct when he talks about what has happened to law enforcement in America over the past decade.  This is what happens when the Constitution is disregarded and we are subject to the Nanny State.

I worked in law enforcement for 32 years over four decades.  I’ve watched cops change into the assholes Adam Carolla talks about in his show.  Look around your own community. Patrol cops are writing more chicken shit tickets than ever. This has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with hidden taxes and producing more revenue for the city. What Adam doesn’t get is that this not only happens in California.  This is happening all over the country, including Texas.

And no, I didn’t get a ticket recently.  But I’ve seen these changes in my city.  The day patrol shift is staking out stop signs in subdivisions and Interstate service roads looking for “rolling stops” and 6 mph over the limit violations. It used to be that only assholes who failed the attitude test got tickets.  Not it’s the cops who have become the assholes with bad attitudes, and I see them writing soccer moms tickets almost on a daily basis for chicken shit violations.  I live in a city with the highest property tax rate in Tarrant County.  We’re not a high crime area (like Arlington) but we have more than our share of burglaries, car break in’s and car thefts.  The police department keeps getting bigger. But the cops are writing more tickets, not patrolling the neighborhoods and store parking lots. Go figure.

     Check out the pistol shaped Gay Pride Flag on this West Hollywood patrol car in Adam’s home town

Protecting and serving the public is taking a back seat to raising revenue.  In this enviroment, good citizens need to take responsibility for their own safety and protection.  Many police officers are too busy writing tickets to protect you.  It’s a bad trend that I don’t see  changing in my lifetime. 

Here are two different clips from the Adam Carolla podcast.  As harsh as Adam sounds, I agree with most of what he’s saying about law enforcement today.  All police officers and Departments don’t operate this way, but I believe what Adam talks about is the norm now, not the exception.

“Cops are assholes not racists. Cops do whatever the fuck they want. I wish somebody would just say to cops, Party’s over, you work for us. Go find some bad guys and bust them.” -Adam Carolla


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I started listening to Adam Carolla after seeing your blog entry on Man of the Year. Adam is one of the most naturally funny guys I have ever heard, and I agree with his libertarian Constitutional view on politics. He's absolutely right about law enforcement and government in general being out of control. We the people need to take back control of this country. Democrats are subversive hypocrites with a welfare state agenda.
January 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Taylor

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