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Five Guys vs In-N-Out Burger : East vs. West

Five Guys is to the East Coast what In-N-Out is to the West Coast.  Both are now in the DFW Metroplex, with new locations opening almost monthly.

Similar size meals (Double Burger, Fries & Soft Drink) are not similarly priced.  What costs you $6.66 at In-N-Out will run you $11.10 at Five Guys in Tarrant County (Fort Worth/Arlington). 

If you think In-n-Out is overrated, you’ll probably going to think Five Guys is way over the top. In-N-Out is far superior to Five Guys; Arlington location from westbound I-20 service road click view to enlarge—->

They both use fresh beef (never frozen) and cut their own fries from whole potatoes at each location.  In-N-Out, has a very bare menu but you can order your In-N-Out burger anyway you want it.  Five Guys has more ingredients posted on thier menu. 

The “Everything” or All The Way BLACK print toppings at Five Guys are Mayo, Lettuce, Pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup & mustard.  You can also add relish, onions, jalapeno peppers, A-1 sauce, Bar-B-Q sauce & hot sauce at no extra charge.

I was not impressed with the “Everything” burger.  But I’ve heard that’s not really the way to go at Five Guys.  Five Guys Fries are regular or cajun style and the regular size order is big for two people to eat with a full size burger. The Large fries will feed at least six!

Many seem to prefer the fries at Five Guys but I’d take an In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style burger, over the Five Guys “Everything” burger 100% of the time. 

Five Guys makes a good burger, and it does offer free shell peanuts while you’re waiting for your order, which are nice for feeding my backyard blue jays!  If you fill up your bag with peanuts, you still are out over $3.00 more than you would be at In-N-Out.  (My birds eat $1.50 a bag peanuts from Walmart)

Five Guys has more selections, and if you want a veggie hotdogs and/or burger, go there. I prefer In-N-Out for the food, though. The French fries are thinner cut and not at all greasy at In-N-Out. Five Guys fries are cut thicker w/ skin and today mine were undercooked and very mushy (greasy).

Five Guys gives you far more fries than one person can eat but what do you do with leftover fries?  I’m feeding cardinals and blue jays not crows and sea gulls! 

With all the variations on Five Guys, it’s easy to overwhelm the burger and the “everything” burger was soggy.  Oh, and Five Guys doesn’t have shakes, though I haven’t ordered a shake with my burger since 1968. 

Bottom line comparing the Fort Worth In-N-Out to the south Arlington Five Guys, In-N-Out is soooooo much better. Five Guys is heavy and I found a bit to greasy/soggy. I-N-O tastes “fresher” to me and has a better bun. I always order the double double animal style (meal #2) at I-N-O.

Five Guys franchises are springing up on almost every corner now and it’s impossible for them to maintain the quality control that family owned I-N-O maintains. I’ll make one more trip to Five Guys with the Mrs but I imagine it will be my last.  The Arlington I-N-O opens this month, just east of the Parks Mall next to the La Qunita. Use the Lowe’s over-flow parking lot to avoid being towed from the La Quinta.  Five Guys is west of the Mall, next to the Red Lobster, just west of T.J. Maxx. 

I-N-O has a drive thru, Five Guys does not.

President Obama eats at Five Guys. President Reagan ate at In-N-Out.  Nuff said. South Arlington,Texas Burger Opening “Soon”

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