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Illinois Becomes Only State with Concealed-Carry Ban

Wisconsin is about to join 48 other states in legalizing the carrying of concealed weapons.  Illinois is the only remaining state with a total ban on concealed carry.  Other states (like California) have “may” issue laws, not “shall” issue.  If you live in Los Angeles or San Fransico you won’t be issued a concealed carry license, but you can “open carry” and I encourage you to do so.  Openly carrying in California will force the state to make concealed carry an option for all law abiding citizens.

Gov. Scott Walker will sign legislation today making Wisconsin the 49th state to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. The law, which takes effect in four months, requires those carrying a concealed weapon to get a permit showing they have passed a course in firearms training, firearms safety or hunter safety. Permit holders must be at least 21 and must clear a background check showing they were not felons or otherwise prohibited from carrying a gun.

Nearly a million people have already graduated from hunter safety programs in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s law covers more than just guns, and his classes address issues surrounding other weapons as well. “Some people are going to want to carry a Taser,” Bretl said. “Some people are going to want to carry a collapsible nightstick.”

Under Wisconsin’s law, people who obtain a permit and go through training will be allowed to carry concealed weapons in most public buildings, including the state Capitol and city halls, unless there is a sign posted saying they are not permitted.

Under the legislation, a concealed carry permit would cost no more than $37 plus $13 to cover the cost of a background check. The permit would be valid for five years. Renewing a license would cost $25.

Training classes typically cost $125 to $150.

On a personal note, both my wife and daughter were issued Texas Concealed Hangun License’s this week. I carry under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA).  I encourage each one of you to explore the option of concealed carry for self protection. 

With the passage of concealed carry in Wisconsin, Illinois stands alone, denying law-abiding citizens the right to bear arms for self-defense.  Illinois’ concealed carry bill failed to gain the supermajority needed.  It appears that Illinois legislators believe that the other 49 states, some with concealed-carry laws decades old, are wrong.

Surely Illinois can see the drop in violent crime that has occurred after concealed carry became law in the other 49 states. Certainly they see that the streets haven’t run red with blood from re-enactments of the O.K. Corral shootout. Concealed carry permit holders are the most law abiding citizens in the country.

It’s obvious that laws do not deter criminals from carrying weapons. Many Illinoisans are licensed to carry in other states but have to disarm when entering their home state, one of the most violent in the nation.

Why do other states trust Illinoisans more than Illinois? Why do the other states believe that law-abiding Americans, including Illinoisans, can safely carry the tools of self-defense?  Why do Illinois politicians who vehemently oppose our right to self-defense demand armed security forces to protect them and their families?

Because it’s not about trust or safety at all, but about power and elitism. See the Democratic Party for the answer.

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Reader Comments (3)


you cannot get a conceal carry license/permit in HI, MD, most of NY and all of NJ.

I do not know why ANYONE keeps saying ONLY IL. It's wrong.

July 8, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteralex I think you may be the one who is incorrect here... I see that HI, MD, NY and NJ all have CCW laws and other states recognize these.

July 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRob

Like the post says, there are other "may" states like California but Illinois is the only "no way" state remaining. It's up to the residents of these states to pressure the legislature into passing better concealed carry laws. The post is factually correct.

In Maryland, the categories for "may issue" are: making deposits; receiving money or cash flow; professional activities like doctors or pharmacies; correctional officers; former police officer; private detective and personal protection. For personal protection there must be documented evidence of recent threats, robberies, and/or assaults, supported by official police reports or notarized statements from witnesses.

Most of the other states you mentioned, only give carry permits to those who demonstrate a "justifiable need" to their local police chief and then a Superior Court judge — a nearly impossible hurdle.

July 8, 2011 | Registered CommenterBonzer Wolf

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