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It’s almost 9:15 p.m. and the temperature outside the WOLF den is 97 degrees, with 39% humidity.  The heat index today was 111, due to the unusually high humidity for triple digit temperatures.  Both are expected to remain high for the remainder of the week.

If you think it’s hotter than normal in north Texas, you’re absolutely correct.  The Mrs cries “Wolf” about the hot north Texas summers every year.  This year, she’s right. It’s “Top 10” HOT with no relief in sight.

July 2011 may be destined for the top 10 hottest in Dallas-Fort Worth, according to National Weather Service records, and would be the hottest July since 1998 if these trends continue. Here are highlights:

  • The observed average maximum temperature for the first 10 days of the month is 101.2 degrees.
  • Highs have been 100+ every day except for July 1.
  • This is well above the average early July high of 94.5 degrees and places the month at the #4 ranking for hottest July daily average high (month-to-date).
  • The daily average (the high and low taken together) is 90.1 degrees MTD, more than 6 degrees above normal, a huge departure.
  • This  ranks as the 4th hottest monthly average for July at DFW, and the hottest since 1998.
  • Average lows July 1-10 are the 2nd warmest on record at 79.1 degrees.

The very hot pattern persists with no sign of significant change expected for ten days.

Assuming normal highs and lows for the period July 15-31, 2011 would still come in at #10 hottest July.

It’s unlikely the rest of the month will cool off to that degree unless we get a major rainfall event. So in reality July 2011 will probably rank even hotter than #10. This is a projection based on the current pattern and trends since June 1.

The primary way north Texas gets widespread rain in July is either from a land-falling tropical cyclone or a stationary low-pressure system aloft, neither of which can be forecast more than a few days out.

In the meantime, the big bake goes on.  DFW 10 Day Forecast

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