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Email Your Senators and Representatives in Congress

The current Administration and Congress have not only continued the War in Iraq and escalated the war in Afghanistan, President Obama has unilaterally joined the fighting in Libya without the consent of Congress. The politicians will tell you that the United States is part of a “coalition of multi-national forces”.  But they won’t tell you that the U.S. military makes up over 80% of these coalition forces.

How many of you have written to your Representatives to express you views?  If each and every one of us who is unhappy with the waste, fraud, and mismanagement in the federal government, will email and/or call our Representatives in Congress, we will get results.  The campaigns for the November 2012 National Elections have begun.  Now is the time to express your opinions and get the attention of your elected officials.

Write your United States Senators and Representatives in Congress today and tell them that you have had ENOUGH!  All of us need to send emails, expressing our opinion.  By letting our Representatives know we are paying attention, we can get our country and our economy back on track.  We the people can save our Republic for future generations to live in freedom and prosper.

My friend Ken Cates recently sent the following email to his Congressman.  He gave me permission to share it here.  I hope that all of you will  Email your Representatives and  Senators today. 

I‘ve written before and felt like you didn’t listen to me, and to the thousands of your other constituents who are my friends, neighbors, family and co-workers…but I will try again. I am a 32 year retired Special Agent in Charge for DHS/US ICE, North Texas. I also spent the last 3 1/2 years as a law enforcement combat consultant for the US Army Special Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I am a native son of Texas, a US ARMY veteran and a long time committed Republican…I think I am a pretty solid citizen and a demonstrated USA patriot…so listen up! I URGE YOU to work hard and immediately to: Get our troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq AND Europe! All of this is a waste of precious American blood and treasure that we can not afford.

Afghanistan is a forever loser and WILL revert to tribal control whenever we leave. We went there for Usama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and they have been gone as a threat in AF for YEARS! We didn’t care about the Taliban before 9/11 and shouldn’t now.

Iraq has to stand on it’s own without us. The rest of the Arabs won’t let it fail as it blocks the door to the advance of the Persians (Iran) as it has historically done. It’s a “tribal” thing that many US politicians don’t get…. But it’s real and strong and it works.

As for Europe…really….why do we still domicile troops there!!?? It’s vacation duty for our military which would be great if we could still afford it. But Russia isn’t coming through the Fulda Gap anymore and Europe can work out it’s own defenses these days…so save the money and bring our troops home. With the exception of some far corners Naval bases you would get more results, more homeland support and security by billeting US troops at bases on our southern border!

Think of it….military related-“shovel ready” construction jobs and secure borders to boot! This is a better (alternative) expenditure than guarding Europe that doesn’t need guarding! And…for the hell of it (despite the “drop in the bucket of federal budget expenditures… End Foreign Aid! Stop giving away money we ain’t got, regardless of the amount!

Eliminate or dramatically scale back the Departments of Energy (a proven failure) and Education (clearly a State or local responsibility. Cut the Dept of Defense budget by emphasizing Special Forces/small engagement capabilities and adopt “walk softly but carry a swift, sure, deadly efficient, focused stick” (like Team 6 and Delta….ask UBL if they can impact global terrorism and anti-American threats effectively!)

And finally….GET ON WITH IT…and get real about free entitlements in our country! The Government was never meant to nor should it be a retirement bonanza for the people. Just reform and lean out Social Security and Medicare for the under 40 population.  Let  them know they HAVE to learn to plan ahead and fend for themselves cause times have changed! The government changed the retirement rules in 1983 for all new incoming federal employees while honoring the existing contract with “grand fathered” federal employees and it worked!

Tell the public the cold hard truth of fiscal capabilities and responsibilities and they WILL respond..because they HAVE too!  These are concepts held by the MAJORITY of your constituents…the people you work for and represent. I urge you to do our bidding (which you were elected to do).

These are common sense, life experience, personal observation truths that will perpetuate our Republic. STOP spending money we don’t have. STOP wasting our soldiers lives and effort for so little return. Stop the spread of a federal government that has forgotten it’s Constitutionally limited role in the United States of America.

God bless Texas, God bless the USA…God bless us all. Sounds pretty good to say that out loud. Try it.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Kenneth Wayne Cates

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