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Diversity You Won't See on Main Stream Media

This is the first time that a photo ID is required in Texas and early voting is up 34% in my county. Voter participation is up and fraud is down.  Go figure?  But Democrats are not happy.  Of course that’s a good thing. Email (or post on twitter with #p2 hashtag) this post to your liberal friends and family to piss more Progressives. Tis the Season! 

“Call A Fu*king Spade A Damn Spade Damit! I’m sick of bullshit. I’m sick of damn liberals, I’m sick of progressives.” - E.T. Williams, The Doctor of Common Sense


Redskins Cow Manure

Where do we start?  There are so many reasons the Cowboys lost last night. But lets begin with the following run on sentence concerning the stunning 20-17 loss to the Redskins.

The Redskins lead by a third string, rag arm QB who will NEVER be a regular starter even on a bad team, broke their NINE game road losing streak in the House that Jerry built, embarrassed the Cowboys players, the coaching staff, and the fans but NOT the worst general manager in NFL history, Jerry F’n Jones.  


Jones, the first and only NFL team owner ever interviewed DURING live play of an NFL game, told the world that HIS retooled offensive line is “really, frankly, what Tony Romo deserves.”  Two plays later Romo is sacked for the 5th time and lays motionless on his back for almost 5 minutes before hobbling off the field.  

The Cowboys took the Redskins lightly and lost.  On any given Sunday (Monday or Thursday) is not just a cliche. Teams like Jacksonville and Washington win games in the NFL when teams like the Cowboys “take a week” off, thinking they can beat them with ass half effort. WRONG.  The Cows were out coached, out played and out smarted by a terrible team, lead by a third string weak armed QB who frankly can’t play in the NFL.  Colt McCoy gets paid $1 million a year to hold a clipboard. Good work if you can get it, but he’s not NFL starting quarterback material.

Cows coaching grade: F

The Cowboys got away from the running game on second downs.  Ground and pound went out the window and Romo was sacked six times by the blitzing Skins.  In OT Murray ran for 8 yards on first down but was never handed the ball again. Cows couldn’t get a first down in OT, game over. That lose was the most embarrassing display of football in Jerry World this season, but expect more of the same as November and December games appear.

You don’t need a degree from Princeton to know that the best way to beat the blitz is to run past it. 

On the defense, the Cowboys refusal to put pressure on McCoy ( a BAD QB, who is way out of his depth in the NFL) is beyond comprehension.  The Cows gave McCoy more than enough time to expose their weak secondary. The Cowboys offense and defensive play calling stunk up Jerry World all night.

But we can’t let the Cow players off the hook.  Murray and Randle both had unacceptable fumbles that cost the Cows points.  Barry Church was horrible.  Murray tells the media after the game, to expect more of the same (6 fumbles with 5 turnovers) for the rest of the season, “I’m going to continue to play hard and fight for every inch,” Murray said after the game.

Murray continued, “It was disappointing. We didn’t play our best game… We didn’t help our defense out as much as we should have. There were a lot of points that we left out on the board.”  

A division loss at home to a Redskins team that remains weeks away from any hope of .500 will bite the Cowboys in the butt going forward. The Cows entered Monday night’s game having outscored opponents 103-55 at home since the first game loss to San Francisco.

The Cowboys had a chance to go 7-1 in the first half of the season for only the sixth time since the NFL went to a 16 game schedule in 1978.  The Cows blew it and GM Jerry Jones made a fool of himself on national TV once again. See Twitter for details.

The Cows carry their 6-2 record into an early Sunday game vs a red hot Arizona team (6-2) that is MUCH better than the DeadSkins.  If the Cows can’t beat the blitz, with a hobbled Romo, look for a similar result.  

Silver lining?  Take the Cardinals and the points.  We were born in the morning, but not yesterday morning. It’s the Jerry Jones Cowboys. So we had the Redskins +6.5 for the first half, Redskins +9.5 for the game and the Redskins on the Money Line (to win straight up).  


"Citizens Arrest, Citizens Arrest"

Remember when Gomer pulled over Barney? If you have ever been stopped for a traffic violation (and who hasn’t) you will get a chuckle listening to this role reversal.  Citizens arrest, citizens arrest via Mediaite

An average citizen decided to pull a Washington state police officer over, asked him a few questions, and even checked his identification. Gavin Seim pulled the cop over for what appeared to be an unmarked sheriff car violation. And the conversation, remarkably, didn’t get as heated as you might think.

Seim asked the officer for some identification to prove who he is. After some hesitation, the officer obliged. He asked if this was some kind of game; Seim responded, “This isn’t a game, it’s called law.”

Seim proceeded to inform the officer that stopping people in an unmarked car is in violation of state law. He advised the officer to take the car back and said, “I know you’re smiling, but we the citizens do have a right to hold you guys accountable. If I’m in open violation of the law, I could call a sheriff out here and demand you be written up for this.”

And considering what Seim was saying to the cop, their conversation was remarkably cordial.

Seim is a very liberty-minded person who explained on his website what he considers problematic here:

Ordinary looking unmarked police cars slink around and entrap, so they can write folks up (read tax) for petty faults. That’s not protecting. As my brother Blake says, “serve and protect, not harass and collect.” — But this is also a major safety issue. Unmarked vehicles are a ripe opportunity for confusion in a citizens reaction and for criminals to impersonate lawful authority to get people to stop.

People have been raped and even murdered because of this, so the law is good sense.


SAF Sues Illinois Over Restrictive CCW Residency Requirements

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Illinois, challenging that state’s concealed carry statute that restricts otherwise qualified non-residents the rights and privileges of carrying concealed firearms based solely on their state of residence.Joining SAF in this legal action are the Illinois State Rifle Association, Illinois Carry, Inc., and ten individual plaintiffs, all residing in other states and who are licensed to carry in those states. Under the restrictive Illinois statute, only residents from states with “substantially similar” requirements to obtain a carry license are allowed to apply for non-resident licenses. Only four states currently qualify under that provision. They are Hawaii, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia. None of the individual plaintiffs reside in those states.According to SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, this situation is not simply unfair, it is untenable and we believe unconstitutional. “Our plaintiffs have qualified for carry permits or licenses in their own states,” Gottlieb said, “which means they have gone through background checks and other requirements that show they are responsible, law-abiding citizens. Yet, because of the current Illinois statute, their self-defense rights are suspended immediately after they cross the Illinois state line.”Named as defendants in the lawsuit are Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Illinois State Police Director Hiram Grau and Jessica Trame, bureau chief of the State Police Firearms Service Bureau. Plaintiffs are represented by attorney David Sigale of Glen Ellyn, Ill.“This lawsuit,” said Sigale, “is brought because it is unfair that otherwise qualified people from states outside Illinois, who work and travel in Illinois are barred from obtaining means to defend themselves in public solely based on their state of residence. We expect to correct that.” “We’re asking the federal court for a declaratory judgment on equal protection and due process constitutional grounds,” Gottlieb stated. “It makes no sense at all for Illinois to enforce such a narrowly-defined law that seems to recognize the rights of some non-residents, while dismissing the rights of most other non-residents. We can’t allow that kind of discriminatory situation to stand.”


The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.



Monday is Apple Pay Day

Apple’s skinnier iPads and flashy big-screen iMac are sleek and stunning. But the tech giant is making a bigger strategic bet with next week’s launch of Apple Pay — the mobile pay service aimed at turning your iPhone into your wallet. 

The service, which goes live Monday and has hundreds of banks on board, underscoring Apple’s value as a brand and giving people a powerful new reason to buy iPhones, iPads and other gadgets.

Apple Pay is designed to work on the company’s newest iPhones, which contain a chip that allows payments at a special terminal in retail outlets. It also will be available on the new iPad Air 2 for online purchases only.

Mobile pay isn’t new; rival tech companies and the banking industry have worked on such systems for years. But Apple is launching its new service at an ideal time. Consumers are increasingly worried about the security of traditional credit and debit cards and U.S. merchants are facing new mandates to switch to safer chip-based cards or other payment systems.

Assuming there are no system breakdowns or security flaws, Apple will get the benefit of pioneering a mobile payment system that has widespread brand recognition and acceptance from consumers, retailers and banks. As for the new iPad Air 2 announced at a company event Thursday, analysts praised its technical features, including faster processors, better cameras and Touch ID, which lets users unlock the device with a fingerprint.

The new super-thin iPads should sell well during the upcoming holiday shopping season, even as the worldwide tablet market is showing signs of slowing growth, analysts said. But they’re not the kind of game-changing new product that has made Apple a darling of Silicon Valley and the tech industry’s most valuable company.

The new 27-inch iMac desktop computer with a high-resolution Retina screen struck Bob O’Donnell of Research Tech Analysis as the most cutting-edge hardware product announced Thursday. If you’re happy to spend $2,500+ for a desk top, go for the new iMac.

The next major hardware release is likely to be Apple’s smart watch, due out next year. 

TECH Analysis’ O’Donnell thinks the watch is “an interesting product,” but notes that it will compete against fitness trackers and other devices that are primarily niche products. And many of its functions can already be performed on smart phones. 


I’ve been using the new iPhone 6 Plus since the day it was released to the public.  Mrs. Wolf decided to go with the iPhone 6 this week and is happy with the smaller size.  But I’m very pleased with the 6 Plus.  Don’t think I will ever get another smart phone with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches.  It may be too big for some, but the bigger size screen works better for me. I don’t have an problems carrying the iPhone 6+ in my shirt pocket.

We ordered the new iPad Air 2 today and Apple promises we’ll be pawing all over it by early next week.

But the Apple Watch is not on my radar at this time.  Can’t think of a single reason to purchase an expensive watch that will be outdated in 6 months or less.  Besides, anything an Apple Watch can do, my iPhone 6 Plus can do better!