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SAF Sues Illinois Over Restrictive CCW Residency Requirements

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Illinois, challenging that state’s concealed carry statute that restricts otherwise qualified non-residents the rights and privileges of carrying concealed firearms based solely on their state of residence.Joining SAF in this legal action are the Illinois State Rifle Association, Illinois Carry, Inc., and ten individual plaintiffs, all residing in other states and who are licensed to carry in those states. Under the restrictive Illinois statute, only residents from states with “substantially similar” requirements to obtain a carry license are allowed to apply for non-resident licenses. Only four states currently qualify under that provision. They are Hawaii, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia. None of the individual plaintiffs reside in those states.According to SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, this situation is not simply unfair, it is untenable and we believe unconstitutional. “Our plaintiffs have qualified for carry permits or licenses in their own states,” Gottlieb said, “which means they have gone through background checks and other requirements that show they are responsible, law-abiding citizens. Yet, because of the current Illinois statute, their self-defense rights are suspended immediately after they cross the Illinois state line.”Named as defendants in the lawsuit are Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Illinois State Police Director Hiram Grau and Jessica Trame, bureau chief of the State Police Firearms Service Bureau. Plaintiffs are represented by attorney David Sigale of Glen Ellyn, Ill.“This lawsuit,” said Sigale, “is brought because it is unfair that otherwise qualified people from states outside Illinois, who work and travel in Illinois are barred from obtaining means to defend themselves in public solely based on their state of residence. We expect to correct that.” “We’re asking the federal court for a declaratory judgment on equal protection and due process constitutional grounds,” Gottlieb stated. “It makes no sense at all for Illinois to enforce such a narrowly-defined law that seems to recognize the rights of some non-residents, while dismissing the rights of most other non-residents. We can’t allow that kind of discriminatory situation to stand.”


The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.



Monday is Apple Pay Day

Apple’s skinnier iPads and flashy big-screen iMac are sleek and stunning. But the tech giant is making a bigger strategic bet with next week’s launch of Apple Pay — the mobile pay service aimed at turning your iPhone into your wallet. 

The service, which goes live Monday and has hundreds of banks on board, underscoring Apple’s value as a brand and giving people a powerful new reason to buy iPhones, iPads and other gadgets.

Apple Pay is designed to work on the company’s newest iPhones, which contain a chip that allows payments at a special terminal in retail outlets. It also will be available on the new iPad Air 2 for online purchases only.

Mobile pay isn’t new; rival tech companies and the banking industry have worked on such systems for years. But Apple is launching its new service at an ideal time. Consumers are increasingly worried about the security of traditional credit and debit cards and U.S. merchants are facing new mandates to switch to safer chip-based cards or other payment systems.

Assuming there are no system breakdowns or security flaws, Apple will get the benefit of pioneering a mobile payment system that has widespread brand recognition and acceptance from consumers, retailers and banks. As for the new iPad Air 2 announced at a company event Thursday, analysts praised its technical features, including faster processors, better cameras and Touch ID, which lets users unlock the device with a fingerprint.

The new super-thin iPads should sell well during the upcoming holiday shopping season, even as the worldwide tablet market is showing signs of slowing growth, analysts said. But they’re not the kind of game-changing new product that has made Apple a darling of Silicon Valley and the tech industry’s most valuable company.

The new 27-inch iMac desktop computer with a high-resolution Retina screen struck Bob O’Donnell of Research Tech Analysis as the most cutting-edge hardware product announced Thursday. If you’re happy to spend $2,500+ for a desk top, go for the new iMac.

The next major hardware release is likely to be Apple’s smart watch, due out next year. 

TECH Analysis’ O’Donnell thinks the watch is “an interesting product,” but notes that it will compete against fitness trackers and other devices that are primarily niche products. And many of its functions can already be performed on smart phones. 


I’ve been using the new iPhone 6 Plus since the day it was released to the public.  Mrs. Wolf decided to go with the iPhone 6 this week and is happy with the smaller size.  But I’m very pleased with the 6 Plus.  Don’t think I will ever get another smart phone with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches.  It may be too big for some, but the bigger size screen works better for me. I don’t have an problems carrying the iPhone 6+ in my shirt pocket.

We ordered the new iPad Air 2 today and Apple promises we’ll be pawing all over it by early next week.

But the Apple Watch is not on my radar at this time.  Can’t think of a single reason to purchase an expensive watch that will be outdated in 6 months or less.  Besides, anything an Apple Watch can do, my iPhone 6 Plus can do better! 


Bloomberg Lies, Media Laps it Up

The truth shall set you free of the liberal fascist Progressive Party, also known as Democrats.

In a recent statement from the anti-gun Bloomberg group “EveryTown for Gun Safety,”  the Mad Moms claimed that 86% of all mass shooting occurring from 2009 to 2014 happened in locations where guns are allowed.

In response to this, Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) released datafor all mass public shootings occurring from January 2009 to July 2014. The findings are not a shock. The most current data shows that 92% of these mass public shootings actually happened in gun-free zones.

According to Breitbart News,

CPRC showed that the 86% claim rests on Everytown’s “inclusion of attacks in private homes” and “numerous errors in identifying whether citizens can defend themselves.”

For example, Everytown “[ignores] rules that prevent general citizens from carrying guns [for self-defense]” in certain cities, and they fail to recognize that “allowing police to carry guns is not the same thing as letting civilians defend themselves.”

So Everytown might count an attack in a public area in Los Angeles as a mass shooting where guns are allowed because certain guns are allowed in the city with a permit. However, they miss the fact that L.A. County issues a minuscule number of concealed carry permits, and many of the ones that are issued are granted only “to wealthy [political] donors.”

Using the same numerical standard that Everytown used–four or more people killed–but taking all rules and regulations against firearm possession into account, CPRC showed that only 8% of mass public shootings occurred in places where citizens could have guns for self defense.”

This is how Progressive Propaganda works.  See 1918 through 1933 Germany for details.

Make up numbers, push them out as being factual, and see how many sheep you can convince. NEVER let the facts nor the truth interfere with your message and your mission of Hope & Change (to destroy the Constitutional Republic).


Home Invasions Happen in Less than 5 Seconds

Home Invasions Happen in Less than 5 Seconds.  Are you prepared? 

Ronald Green, 66, was at home around 9 p.m. watching a basketball game on television when he heard someone trying to get in through the front door. He quickly went to retrieve his revolver. When he returned, a 19-year-old man he did not know had successfully kicked in the door and was standing in the entryway. The intruder attacked Green, punching him in the face. Green then fired his revolver twice striking the intruder in the chest and hip. His wounds proved fatal. Green sustained no serious injuries during the home invasion. (Omaha World-Herald, Omaha, Neb., 3/25/14)

What would you do if an armed robber broke in while you were at home? The staff from Personal Defense show you the steps to take in case you ever have to deal with a home invasion. For more information or showtimes related to Personal Defense TV, visit their page on our website:

My strongest suggestion to those of you at home during the day, which is when most burglars hit residences because the bad guys think you are gone:  Have a firearm on your person.  It’s a good idea to get training and practice. Carry a firearm on your person, including when you are at home.  If you don’t remember the last time you cleaned your gun or can’t put your hand on your gun within 5 seconds, you are setting yourself up to be a victim. 




Where is the National Media Outrage?

The leftist liberal fascist media would make me LOL if they weren’t so dangerous.  When are the Sheeple going to wake up? Progressives are the most dangerous people in America!

Four men have been charged in the death of a 9-year-old boy who was gunned down in a backyard after becoming upset with his mother and running from his Chicago home, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Friday.



Derrick Allmon, 19, Jabari Williams, 22, and Michael D. Baker, 19, all face first-degree murder charges in the death of Antonio Smith, McCarthy said. Police didn’t immediately release the name of the fourth suspect.

Allmon, Williams and Baker were allegedly driving around looking for rival gang members on Aug. 20. Allmon was handed a gun by Williams and ordered to shoot two men they came across, McCarthy said.

“As Allmon approached his intended targets on foot, he came across Antonio Smith in a rear yard of a residence,’” McCarthy said. “Believing that Antonio Smith was yelling a warning to his intended victims, Allmon shot Antonio Smith multiple times, wounding him fatally.”

The boy was shot at least four times — killed not far from where he lived in the Grand Crossing neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

Shortly after the shooting, the boy’s mother, Brandi Murry, said her son left home after she answered “no” when he asked for a cupcake. About an hour later, he was being taken to a hospital with gunshots to the chest.

Allmon allegedly dropped the .380-caliber handgun in a nearby sewer as he fled the shooting scene, authorities said. It was recovered by investigators Thursday.

The same handgun has been traced to two other shootings this year, including another fatal one, McCarthy said.

“Unfortunately this tragic murder is yet one more example of the strife being caused by gangs and guns in our community,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy emphasized the boy and members of his family have no street gang affiliation.

It wasn’t immediately known if the suspects have attorneys.

McCarthy said Allmon had been arrested in 2012 on a gun charge, convicted in 2013 and sentenced to 3½ years in prison the following year. Allmon was released just weeks before the boy’s death.